Hear from Head of School Bill Gladstone and IHE President Zoe Weil on how the development of this school offers the greatest strategy for a peaceful, sustainable future for all people, animals, and the environment.

The Challenge

Imagine if the purpose of education were to create solutionaries: exceptional thinkers, joyful, caring and engaged citizens, and successful, collaborative problem solvers who are able to develop practical, effective, and visionary solutions to the challenges we face today. This vision is becoming a reality. The Institute for Humane Education (IHE) is developing an innovative, real-world curriculum and the first of many Solutionary Schools to meet both the needs of children as well as our collective future. Today’s world offers unprecedented opportunities along with unprecedented challenges. Our children face the realities of escalating environmental degradation, a growing population on a finite planet, and systematized cruelty and destruction. Despite these challenges, at no other time have our children had the capacity to communicate and collaborate with people instantaneously across every border to solve our many challenges.

The Answer

We believe the answer lies in education; that with the wealth of human knowledge available at our children’s fingertips and the capacity to collaborate across every border, we have never been better poised to engage youth in deep, clear, wise solutionary thinking for their own benefit and the benefit of all. For almost 20 years, The Institute for Humane Education (IHE) has worked to create a healthy, sustainable and humane world through education. To reach and educate youth of all ages, we are now developing a model curriculum, identifying facilities, preparing master teachers and securing funding to open our first preK-12 humane education school in NYC. The plan is to open as a high school in 2018, building over time to a full K-12 school.
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